American Dream Poem by Juan Olivarez

American Dream

Rating: 5.0

Once he was young, and strong.
Once he would dare anything, do anything.
Climb mountains, swim rivers, mighty rivers,
To find the American Dream.
To support his child and his wife,
Deep in the interior.
Once he could trek through the wilderness,
Caring nothing for the heat, and the snakes,
And the javalines.
Caring nothing for 'los rinches'
That tried to keep him out of,
Los Estados unidos.
Once he could run for endless days,
And even longer nights.
Once, no longer.
For now, he is just a pile of bleached bones,
Slowly turning to dust,
In the chapparel.

6/18/12 Alton Texas

Valerie Dohren 03 July 2012

Great poem - guess the American dream is just as difficult to realize as all other dreams, but we need dreams to keep us alive. Wonderfully descrtive write and very poignant.

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Smoky Hoss 19 June 2012

Perhaps those who have the abundance of America, tring to keep others out, should be thrown into, and made to eat the dust of the chapparel. - When will justice prevail? - Awesome poem; powerful words.

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Heather Wilson 19 June 2012

A wonderful write, Oh, how that man lived, he used life to support his family and enjoy, a great poem.

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