American Jesus Poem by Jimi Doyle

American Jesus

Rating: 5.0

there is no dog-gone Jesus
like the American Jesus
big and strong
with hundred yard dash

he built a dam
he built a railroad
he drives a Cadillac
or a pick-up truck
on the highway system he built

he washed the feet
of a pretty girl

in his bed
in his motel room
by the side of the highway
system he built

Laughing@ You 27 March 2014

I love the smart assery and the brevity of this poem. It flows well, and it shows that you know what you're doing with your work, that is to say, you're not writing blindly. Nice work.

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Sue Ann Simar 20 June 2013

I think you could go a lot further with this idea- a lot more detail- quite a list poem. (however that highway system is in decay)

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Martin O'Neill 05 March 2012

Jimi! I wish I had written this. Sharp, incisive and edgy. Brilliant. On my poem list. (8 so far) kudos.

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Bonnie Lundgren 17 February 2010

Why did you write this? Here is my thought. There is no such thing as the American Jesus. Jesus' nationality is not of this world or its kingdom. This could be an American view of Jesus. But if it is the true Jesus you knew, the one and only, you would not write this about him. He is loving and honest and speaks gently even to those who hate him.

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