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Impossibility Of Bad Poetry

Rating: 4.0

a poem is born
somehow like men
and then is
like a flower or a razor blade
and lives forever
like a saint

will it slay me?
or end this dirty vice?
or teach?

or pity?
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Laughing@ You 27 March 2014

This one doesn't speak to me as much, Jimi. I think it's difficult to write a poem about poetry. I've not yet read a poem about poetry that I've liked. I am, however, enjoying the rest of your work tremendously.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 02 December 2009

Unique and different style. I notice you write freely and manage to come up with excellent work like this one, and the arrangment you used is quite unorthodox but impressive.10+

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Richa Dhodi 11 May 2008

i loved reading this poem. It seems i m reading something different, i have never read a depiction like this.... it was an amazing and crazy... yet interesting words to read... word is ' cool! ' for this :)

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Alicia Patti 02 March 2007

Yes, indeed! This is a double WOW! A poem is born. I love the simplicity of this, especially this couplet, my favorite: 'and then is like a flower or a razor blade' I think too many poets contrive to write esoteric words and metaphors, more like exercises than poetry, forget the two most important elements: truth and beauty. You said it, dear poet. best, alicia

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