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1000 arenas
1000 flaws
1000 yellow steps

Here is the serenity:
it fell out as we entered the cab

Here is the loyalty:

I have a breathing machine
I use it when my lungs are dirty
blocked with soot or feathers
or when there is too much moisture

Just another poet
writing about the moon...
a place he's never been,
never truly seen.

there is no dog-gone Jesus
like the American Jesus
big and strong
with hundred yard dash


a barn sleeper
he can swim in the sun, in a barn

My little nephew Kevin
is riding on the swing set
Muscling and thumping
the wooden saddle

a poem is born
somehow like men
and then is
like a flower or a razor blade

Tijuana beach sunrise
night's darkness passing
its colors to the stars...
orbing westward

she is supple and slender and shining blonde
she is ready for the open water
she is readying her skin with lotions
she is beautiful

maybe a lady
full of love already
will fix upon this stray
and trim him

cold grief or demented vacuum?

grey head in coffin
suicide neck

birds are perched
various and serene
in a sun bleached bare tree

June wore her green dress, long her favorite color
the color of her ancient Roman clan
Roman Green
June wore her green dress...as my finger traced a soft essay

Strong enough to carry
a war army on your back
union of purpose
heart with hand

a hop, a flip, and
a circus of flight

little brown bird

No vanity fair magazine
to float on cold water
and arc further out
with sea moss and iodine kelp

which line is better:

'art gives proof to our ideals'


first the seed

...in March the muffle cover of snow disappears
and good Illinois soil emits

at night 79th street was a Miles Davis
with sound coming out
of window cracks and building bricks
and the melody forcing out

The Best Poem Of Jimi Doyle

The Thousands

1000 arenas
1000 flaws
1000 yellow steps

the thousands

deft-footed ones
sidewise wonders

the moon tonight
slashing a ray of light
upon the window slats
through to the walls
as moontide arrows

thunder slack moon
is now hiding
now showing
against odd
almost false
purple clouds

the thousands
1000 sirens
1000 charities
1000 vapors
the moon tonight
razoring through
1000 false clouds
finding itself
against the window
slats and walls

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Jimi Doyle Popularity

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