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A mouse, grey-coated, cute and male
had eyed an elephant's long tail.
He had been horny for some time
and was prepared to risk the climb.

The elephant was one big girl
and known around the place as Merle,
that night she leaned against a tree
and took a leisurely, long pee.

It was a miracle, I say.
The mouse survived the tail's wild sway,
and stayed away from raging streams
to reach the summit of his dreams.

At last he had arrived on site,
prepared himself and thought he might
be gentle with this big fat cow.
He dropped his boxers and yelled 'NOW '.

And at the moment of this yell
a coconut came loose and fell.
It landed on the mama's toe
and was an unexpected blow.

The elephant then muttered 'OUCH'
while in the rear, close to her pouch
the mouse was working up a sweat
replied 'don't worry, little pet,

the first time causes girls to scream
but after that it's one sweet dream.'

David Darbyshire 06 March 2006

I like this poem, it's funny, good and full of imagination, this is the way to go....Herb...have a nice day dave

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Gina Onyemaechi 06 March 2006

Whoops, finger slipped! Voted in a 10 instead. Hope you don't mind! G.

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Gina Onyemaechi 06 March 2006

Oh but Herbie, where DO you dream these ideas from? Ha ha ha! Smiling at you with a score of...9, Gina.

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Emancipation Planz 13 March 2009

Amore.. haha j'adore.. tis got some of my FAV words tree, pee, toe, blow..... and I laugh...: ~)

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Emma Johnson 16 March 2006

I get drunk on laughter. Thanks for that. A beautiful story in brilliant verse. Susie.

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kskdnj sajn 06 March 2006

This was naughty. :)

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Raynette Eitel 06 March 2006

Very, very funny, Herbert. Raynette

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Sandra Osborne 06 March 2006

10 Here... no slips... no screams! LOL... Good Job! CS

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