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My modest genesis as poet began by basically hearing melodies in my head then vocally projecting whatever lyrics occurred to my then-6 year old mental capacity. During this stage of development, the inquisitive, wide-eyed youngster was occupied with pastels, graphites, watercolours, etc., rendering mainly natural landscapes, but sometimes delving i ...

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I rediscovered you tonight
after a lengthy absence,
flourishing on the threshold
of a clover leaf,

Images In The Afterglow * * *

I feel as rich as Croesus
while watching gold of day
dispel amid white cypress;
its final sheen's display.

Sleeping Seraph

She's just a perfect angel
beneath the scarlet comforter,
her spirit distantly drifting
astral parterres in dream districts;


Despair nipped at our hearts,
we the blue children
of the growing season, long green stalks rising
in savoury fields.

Living In The Crazed Age Of Celebrity Culture

When I have returned to dust,
recall me, but not the genuine me;
no, leave that shrinking, purple-
prosing violet be. Instead visit

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Anna Russell 16 December 2006

Mr Gunn has had me reaching for the dictionary so many times I've got repetitive strain injury. But he's worth it. I made the mistake at first of thinking his was poetry for the brain, but after the numerous re-readings his work deserves, I have realised it feeds the soul quite nicely too. Here's to you Greg! Hugs Anna xxx

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Greg is one of the finest poets I have had the pleasure of encountering. To-the-spot, on-the-ball pieces. Harsh and always fair; always engaging his audience. A unique way of painting his picture; the reader is entirely drawn. I commend GWG to anybody with a brain. And I applaud you, sire. t x

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Scarlett Treat 21 May 2006

Greg, I sure do want to expand on what Gina already said, but she said it best - you have a tough exterior, but inside you are one of the kindest and most generous guys I have ever known. Not only is your work great, but you have encouraged me to become better myself, and I appreciate it so much. Keep writing, my dear friend!

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Gina Onyemaechi 24 February 2006

I met Greg through his 'Another Shot at Philosophy! ' number which I initially took offence to. But the poem's message (as I saw it) was just about the only criticism that I could raise against it: Greg is a fountain of rich, delicious, free-flowing words that dance in your ears for hours after you've read them. Read his 'I Re-discovered You Tonight', for example, and tell me if it doesn't sweep you off your feet! I adore Greg's writing. I'd also like to say that as a person, they don't come much warmer or more generous. Greg, I'm honoured to know both you and your work. Take my best. Gina.

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