poet Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

An Apathetic Bungle

Receiving a golden opportunity to do Father-in-Law a favor
Then came months later a report about how he did waver
Ignoring schizophrenically the necessity of courageous action
he even destroyed the assistance of our Rockefeller Foundation.
As the ghouls come creeping into his unprotected subconscious
the witches' screaming continues at Skull and Bones quite noxious.
Being crowned to deliver a national strategy to successfully combat
the rampaging virus he cringed like a coward under a ruthless autocrat.
Assuming politics were more salient than the precious gift of life
he comfortably scrapped his noble plan although a pandemic was rife.
Substituting calloused idiocy instead of empathy and true humanism
while the unimpeded spread surged with his sinister art of barbarism.
Attempting to cover up the resource of testing kits from the Far East
while unleashing the hidden enemy eating leftists like a unruly beast.
Being convinced of a nefarious concept in the early days of April
dropping its initiation supporting the useless hydroxychloroquine pill.
Then with his daughter's Daddy's antiseptic fluids and ultra-violet waves
he shared his antiscience while the Task Force was weakened and enslaved.
Your reality show has given you millions nevertheless your apathetic bungle
will leave you on Fifth Avenue looking at the painted streets of the asphalt jungle.
So the egregious method was set forth for the virus was in the Blue North
leaving the Defense Protection Act waiting as the old folks' breath was short.
From Massachusetts, New Jersey to Illinois with the Epicenter being New York
no federal help was offered scattering testing as the Russians did pop their cork.
Separating the unity under one flag bringing the tragedy of partisan division
leaving the compatriots of Wall Street shaking without any economical vision.
Lord help us as the plague is on the march as the Lakota drum their pow wow
calling for Keya the God of Health to guide us from the mysterious then to now.
Our peaceful protesters named agitators and anarchists proclaim Black Lives Matter
with their valorous mothers holding fort as the paramilitaries shoot and splatter.
Now because of Tulsa, the town of the 1921 massacre, the Prez self-indulgently
undertook his bloody rally where poor fans wore no masks quite dumb and obediently.
Now as we talk the spikes are occurring in his Sunbelt where his partisans are Red
reopening rashly paying the price of listening to his jargon simply being grossly misled.
As the sandglass is running out the wicked witch of the West is searching for her sister
as Oz has transformed Kansas and a twister is coming while in Florida there's a blister.
Sorry Son-in-Law your evil plan has backfired while the Summer will soon turn to Autumn.
We are wishing you a better outcome nonetheless things are turning into a dreary delirium.

Topic(s) of this poem: evil, idiocy

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Form: Couplet

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