An Empress Poem by Meredith B.

An Empress

Rating: 5.0

She runs breathing hard
Branches draw blood as she tears them apart
Tears dancing in her face
Eyes gleaming with the light of the moon

She just wants to be alone
Any signs of despair to others unknown
She doesn't know where she is
Or where she will end up

She just needs to get far away
She needs to outrun… pain.
Thoughts blur as she runs even harder

Too tired to step again she collapses
Heart beating faster as she starts to remember —
But something moved.
A grey-gold streak of what might have been her fur or eyes

If she tried her words couldn't express
The sight before her - an empress
Silent as she runs through the night
A beautiful, no, majestic sight.

She does not try to attack or bite
A silver silhouette in the night
A wolf.
The forest around her bowed in reverence

The creature seemed to whisper
To only her
As she touched it's soft fur
Everything would be ok.

Bri Edwards 21 June 2023

Meredith, p.s. You left me a very nice poem comment on, I think, my 'old' Fun-eral poem. Thanks. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 21 June 2023

Despite needing to remember when to use its vs it's, I give you five stars. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 21 June 2023

stanza 4 and the last stanza also: 'its' (possesive) , not 'it's'. Its one of the more common typos I've seen. Ha! Did you NOTICE that I used 'its' where I SHOULD have used 'it's'? ? ? I'm teasing. bri ;)

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