Meredith B. Poems

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32 Degrees

Just before the first snow comes,
The lake nearby is overcome
An icy shield is spread around,
Those underneath are safe and sound.

I Want To Run

I'm not controlling it.
It's the voice in my head
You told me I was good enough
But I listened to the voice instead

Forget It

I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want you to see,
I'll explain in a minute
but for now

Writer's Block

The words don't flow the same
Right now they're hard to tame
No longer floating around in my brain,
I thought hard but nothing came.

An Empress

She runs breathing hard
Branches draw blood as she tears them apart
Tears dancing in her face
Eyes gleaming with the light of the moon


The world is quiet but
Not my mind
It races with

Nothing To Grow

Do you ever think
That winter might feel left out
With nothing to grow

Epitaph For Caesar By Calpurnia

I tried to warn him about the dreams
But he was too proud to see through the scheme
My beloved is dead and I sit alone
And all I can think is that he should have known

A Twilight Night

Sky as dark as a deep black sea
The moon is a beautiful thing shining on me.
The stars compared to this brilliant light
Trying to shine with all of their might.

An American Tree

America is said to be
Home of the brave
Land of the free
But what about this tree?

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