I Want To Run Poem by Meredith B.

I Want To Run

Rating: 5.0

I'm not controlling it.
It's the voice in my head
You told me I was good enough
But I listened to the voice instead

It's cold in this shadow of doubt
that's overcome me
I have to follow the sound
Or I might go crazy

I want to turn and run to you
I want your warm embrace
I want to say I'll come back soon
And that I'll be okay.

Come wake me from this nightmare
That somehow I got into
Come save me from this horrid place
please - come to my rescue

The ground breaks underneath me
I fall fast
but I can't scream
and then...

I break.

Finally I'm running back
i can feel you again
I found the right track.
You say you love me and I finally believe you.

The voice I silence
I take it from its core
I run and sing and play and dance
I'll hear the voice no more.

Nate Tulay 09 December 2022

A very deep poem with many layers. the voice is the inner being... and so all you have to do is study its thought patterns to understand and tame it.

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Bri Edwards 09 December 2022

You have a nice mixture of rhyming and lack of rhyming. You bio is short and sweet. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 09 December 2022

I give five stars. * * * * *

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Bri Edwards 09 December 2022

'I take it from it's core'.........use 'its', a simple mistake even I've made. Welcome to PH, young lady. ;)

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Meredith Briggs 09 December 2022

Thank you so much, Bri. You're awesome : )

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