An Eye On London Poem by Matt Mooney

An Eye On London

Rating: 4.6

The morning sky has a crest of a moon
Sitting up over my window's horizon,
Tall conifers compete with chimney stacks,
Castle top turrets and white office blocks;
The trickling traffic from King’s Cross below
Meets life coming into the city.

It’s quiet out there at four in the morning,
(The calm before the storm) ,
While the lights of the street lamps
Grow dimmer towards dawn
From my fourth floor eye on old London.

Original Unknown Girl 19 August 2009

Lovely 'birds eye view' of the Big Smoke! Like it! HG: -) xx

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Marieta Maglas 28 August 2009

wonderful descriptive poem, very well written....................10+++

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Ken E Hall 05 September 2009

An observation in a tick of time in London I can hear the gong of Big Ben great poem regards

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Zahra Shariat 04 June 2015

I have never visited London, but I can Imagine it by this nice poem.

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Bert Bell 04 November 2010

Very beautiful, visual lines, Matt. This one really touched me. I used to live in London and this took me right back into the heart of her. A fine, fine poem.10

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 June 2010

Poetic vision makes the difference and that you’ve made…immixing fact with superfine imagery Thanks Sir for putting me in forgotten nostalgia 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'Tall conifers compete with chimney stacks, Castle top turrets and white office blocks' Rachel Ann Butler

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Obinna Eruchie 11 September 2009

Beautiful sight seeing of London, vividly described.

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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