An Ode To Silence Poem by Sheena Datta

An Ode To Silence

Rating: 5.0

unmoving untold
beguiling and bold
in the depths of my meandering drifts
lie the silence of times

unmoving with permanence
undeterred with resonance
in the unshed tears of my heavy heart
lie the silence of times

unmoving and brilliant
surreal and insistent
in the quest of the kaafir within
lie the silence of times

unmoving yet increasing
hazy, misty and fading
in the crimson light of my throbbing veins
lie the silence of times

Daniel Brick 09 April 2015

There's genuine music in your poem from the way you construct these parallel stanzas. You exert just enough control to make the pattern work as a series of musical phrases. From my point of view you have found a better way to make word music than using tired old rhymes. I write unrhymed sonnets! Your poem doesn't try to give a dict'y definition of silence (GOOD MOVE!) but rather conveys its impression through imagery, and that's what real poetry does in our modern age.

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Indranil Bhaduri 26 September 2012

Wonderful! ! ! Loved the piece.

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Rekha Mandagere 24 May 2012

Silence of times demands one to stop and think about the value of silence! Nice write :)

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Azmat Naushad Asif 23 May 2012

nicely written...keep it up

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