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Did I reach you
I shut my eyes tight
when the rains splashed me with nostalgia
lest a memory slips

unmoving untold
beguiling and bold
in the depths of my meandering drifts
lie the silence of times

In the midst of melancholy,
when a flower blossoms,
hold it in the sheaths of sight,
for it may be mistaken as love,

A flower grows from a seed to an awesome blossom
wild free and fragrant
just as a thought germinates and
becomes a bouquet for all to cherish

How naive it is to pin one's hope
on the shadows tears and smiles
which dissolve
promises expectations trust


I have lived a million lives
and died a zillion deaths
my mornings have burnt me
and my nights have left me dead

why claim
cause if it is
it would remain
else it's all a myth

unwilling at times and helpless at other
I still gulp you down resignedly
the bond we share is such
I end up not just living you but being you

lost in the grains of time
shreds of misty moments lie
resounding within the walls
penetrated by the buzzing wind


the hues, interwoven,
spread across their perimeter,
frolicking with possibilities,
with a somber depth in their womb,

Ever since I wore you
I remain encapsulated
Like a sheathed sword
rusting at the hinges

you pushed me to the threshold of my endurance
where pain became my penance and my retribution
and as I argued by the law of averages
my eyes refused to flutter

Don't hinder and disrupt the frolicking
calm and serene river in the wilds
don't try and bring method to it's madness
once restricted barricaded and maneuvered

O ye
the morning breeze
gather thy sails
and envelope me


pluck me from the garden
caress my tender sheaths
inhale my subtle fragrance
drink my pulsating grace


the whispering lilies
blooming and tender
share the secrets
of memories asunder

I often lose the sense of direction,
when I wander in the lush meadows of my remembrances

the nectar breeze I inhale

what formed thee o Sun child
with cocooned vibrancy of the World
nestled in the dusty pallor
slithering in the frail dismissive form

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Languid Longings

Did I reach you
I shut my eyes tight
when the rains splashed me with nostalgia
lest a memory slips
Did you hear me
I forced each scream down my throat
when your thoughts hit my temples
lest a sound breathes
Did the sting reach your eyes
I let my eyes burn with unshed torrents
letting them writhe in pain
lest a tear escapes

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