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An Office Boy's Prayer

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Oh! Mercifull God
I do see the services of
Jawans in the frontiers keeping vigil
Protecting the sovereignty of the holy soil
Fishermen going deep in the mid sea
Earning their bread and butter- days without tea
Miners working hours in darkness
Exploiting minerals for our happiness
Farmers going to the fields early morning
Tilling, toiling, sweating, suffering till late evening

Potters working in clay and water
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Gita Ashok 25 June 2010

Let me be helpful to all my clients be respectful to all my elders be sensitve to the needs of my office qualify to go up the ladder desrve to get what I desire! Oh! God Almighty! Give me the strength to stand the strain And help my colleagues to stay in bliss Grant me the will to be at peace And spread that peace to all with ease! What profound lines these are! If there's a word that means more than excellent, I wish to use that here. As I said before, a practical, simple and apt prayer for everyone is what I find in your page.

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Kesav Easwaran 14 June 2008

'Millions and millions on earth Un and under employed sans worth! ' a staring truth...a very good reason for a thanks giving prayer

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Who Iam 30 January 2008

Well done, something many of us strive for each day. Sam Ross Fuller

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