An Unbroken Friendship Poem by Bhagabat Prasad Hotta

An Unbroken Friendship

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This friendship between you and me
The love for me,
That I can see
Like honey and bee.

You are my first
You are my last,
You are always best
In your every test.

This love is forever
That you discover,
The love for you
There is no end of due.

An Unbroken Friendship
Sunday, December 2, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: eternity,friendship,love and friendship,true love
Binayakumar Mohanty 02 December 2018

Thanks dear for sharing budding lotus of friendship.It will spread its fragrance some day sure.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 02 December 2018

Thank you for your encouraging commitment.

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Chinedu Dike 28 August 2021

A compassionate piece of poetry, lovely and very passionate......

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 June 2019

So pure, so true. I like this poem very much...............but where are your other poems, dear Bhagabat? When I had your age, I wrote many many poems, also short and sometimes long, and I love the theme of LOVE also. Please, keep the ink flowing and your poems growing (in quantity AND quality) . The message about TRUE LOVE are always present in poems all the years. Beautiful poem. A 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 13 October 2019

Thank you madam, your message has the magic and power to change my thoughts and poems so much.A real thanks to you madam.I will try myself better than I can do this.

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Hello Bhagabat, I love this poem for its strong message of true love. And you write it with firm conviction which i so admire. A beautiful poem........10 Thank you so much dear young poet for reading and commenting on my poem " Love is all embracing."

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Thanks for your beautiful comment and your inspiration.100++

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Chinedu Dike 23 June 2019

Nicely brought forth in good rhyme scheme with conviction. A beautiful love poem.

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Dr Antony Theodore 15 February 2019

Like honey and bee. is our frienship. promises made in love. hope and pray that it lasts a life time.. very good poem. tony

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Thanks for nice commitment.

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