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How dare you
approach me,
Dear frog!
Me, the anatomist cruel

Ours hectic march
on the highway
of burning pan.

miles and miles
far away from me.

I'm ecstatic,
transcend of
earthly Me

Somewhere here
can, I smell
strongly, its presence
at a distance of

Who sings a serenade in dark!
Like a sudden spark
Of radiance
In vast streches of

The destination
Could I change?
For you turned up not!

My last love
lay dying
chronic death,
I fall asleep,

Of a unique breed
rare and royal
never untied free on a road
born to be sold.

The man with
barren scalp over his head
claims to have google inside.

A little wonder bird
tress passes
into my dreams.

You can
cross the river
flooded with
obstacles unlimited

No fatwa
can snatch,
from within
it is to hatch.

No change
in the reflex arc
of prelithic hunger
for food, shelter and mating.

Endowed with get up of darkness
having thrown on the path of a ruined day
what is your quest for?

Encrusted with
War and conspiracy
blood shed and jealosy
engraved with death

Come, come
To see the men and women
Autogamous here

Come come
To see here
They can bloom lotus

I love You
coz not I wanted
a kid from you
for my legacy

Copernicus wrong
Wrong was Galileo
For his majesty says
The sun goes round the sun

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Dear Frog

How dare you
approach me,
Dear frog!
Me, the anatomist cruel
know no love,
no compassion.

Dear cold blooded creature
the tender heart,
the feeble mind and
sluggish feet
need warmth
need amplexus
dare not approach me
my territory
the frigid trap of death,
Me, the anatomist there
to anesthetize you
for reason not known
none to blame, none
to excuse.

Me, the anatomist paid for
to feed my gaster
and quench my thirst
How dare you approach me!

With forceps in one hand
and scissors in other
unable to feel
the spikes in your nerve

Me, the anatomist
know not me
know not you
with the sharp scalpel
waiting to split open
the skull.

How dare you
approach me!
Me, the anatomist, cruel
Know no love, no compassion.

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Sanghamitra Nayak 06 October 2017

Nice poem

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 04 October 2017

Happy to see you here Sir, not because a friend enters, but because a bunch of some powerful and elegantly written Odia poems will reach their rightful readership across the world. The poems written by such a good heart should not be placed unwelcome, beside a street named S Mohanty Rajib Marg, Near St, Xaviers, Jajpur Road. Thank you sir for the lovely poem.

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Suratha Kumar Rout 11 October 2017

Throne Of Arrows is a beautiful poem. Thank you sir for such a great poem.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 14 October 2017

Welcome to Level Two and an advance greetings for my dear poet reaching the next, level 3, tomorrow.

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Prabir Gayen 05 February 2019

Very good poet.....please mail me when you post a new poem...

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Prabir Gayen 14 December 2018

Very sensitive poem and virtouvi..god gifted

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 28 October 2018


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Frank Adie 23 January 2018

Your poems are quite impressive. You are a writer with class. You possess a whole lot of idiolect and you are very liberal with them. More grease to your elbow.

8 0 Reply
Rajendra Rout 15 October 2017

Your poems are artistic, lovely and easy to understand unlike many poets on this site. Thank you sir for belonging to the next generation too.

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Binayakumar Mohanty Quotes

I love to live and live to love.

I wish, Men were not divided over race and Religion or fight over man made God and region.

Poetry is not spontaneous over flow of feelings but deliberate beautification of feels and thrills of a sensible heart by an artist with appropriate ornaments.

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Binayakumar Mohanty Popularity

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