And There Was You Poem by Twilight Whispers

And There Was You

There was once a girl, she was like me
She cried when she was sad
She smiled when she was happy
And shouted when she was mad.

She was no different to me
She was quiet and kind
She tried her best with everything
And friendly, you'll find.

But then came you, and she saw
That she was in some trouble
All her worries seemed so much worse
And her fears seemed to double.

You couldn't help her, although you tried
I've heard the things you've spoken
And if you see her, right there now,
You'll see how much she's broken.

So can't you just, for a little while,
Give my friend some space?
Leave her be, and you will see
A smile spread across her face.

Emily Oldham 20 September 2008

very inspiring, i feel i can relate to the girl a bit. (hey, i live in wolvo too! nice knowing theres another teen that lives near me that loves poetry!) thanks :)

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<font color =fusha>Amy 19 September 2008

thats very beautiful and remember (from ur earlier comment) don't let anyone tell you the skys your limit i've seen footprints on the moon :)

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Tobi Awodunmila 07 August 2007

nice concept i love the poem

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