Lost For Words Poem by Twilight Whispers

Lost For Words

Rating: 4.7

“What do I write? ” said the girl in pink.
“My mind is tangled and I can’t seem to think! ”
She threw down her pen and stormed out the room,
Hoping she’d conjure up something soon.

'What shall I write? ' wondered the boy in green.
'My brain is more blocked than it's ever been! '
He deserted his pencil and slumped off to bed,
Trying to unscramble the mess in his head.

'What can I write? ' moaned the girl in yellow,
“I’ve written about pianos and oboes and cellos! ”
She left her crayon on the side by the door,
And sulked off outside to think some more.

“Oh what do I write? ! ” sighed the boy in blue.
“I’m out of ideas, what do I do? ”
Calmly he swept his worries away,
He’d continue his ideas with the new day.

Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 04 February 2010

Not every knows the meaning of 'Lost for words'.. Nicely written...i was expecting something similar to Pink Floyd's though. Keep it up..best wishes to ya :)

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Colin J... 29 September 2007

-Lost For Words- I don't think that will EVER apply to you.. There is nothing MORE beautiful than raindrops on roses... They are like diamonds, like your poems... All the Best, Colin J...

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Phats Li 05 September 2007

i love this! ! ..its really a cute poem! ! ..i do that to myself alot! ! ..i have so many 2 lined poems written down...haha...much alohas sandra

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