Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

And Ye Shall Win My Heart - Poem by Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

And Ye Shall Win My Heart
By Kalyani Rajalingham

Perch'd on wings of claim,

A well nurtured praise, to Beauty, he profess'd

To whom he forfeited his presence, his illustrious gaze

Ah! But She with him was not pleased

For in his worthless mind, does reason reign?

Nay, the pen and the scroll are not his ways

Lo! May life be a dear with this lost wanderer,

For He is charm'd by but Beauty's trifling air,

While She is condemn'd to hear in his vacant stare

Every Man's stupidity and their crazed flare

And so Beauty to him said in Her defiant stare:

"My eyes have been graced by many suitors with unmatched Beauty

They have been begged by those with unbounded wealth

And though, many were but refined in the art of kindness

None could command My Love, None could command My Respect

Dear Lost Soul, I am not smitten by what I see

Nor Taken by the sweetness of what I hear!

Challenge my knowledge, Teach my genius and Seduce the mind I have well raised

And Ye shall win My whole heart with dizzy delight! "

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Everyone I've come across think that love is a union of two people, but I think that it's a union of two minds that think and challenge each other but still learn from each other........Beauty like a flower is a bloom that wilts with time, Wealth in a single moment of bad luck can disappear, Strength is weakness when it was young, Talent is practice's sweat...........For me, beauty, wealth, strength and talent are in the mind................As a child, I spent most of my time with my Daddy and one of the things he told me was that physical beauty is a gift to those whose hearts aren't filled with venomous thoughts. Oddly enough, in my life, I've witnessed that to be true. When you lose the selfishness, you learn to live for those you love dearly, you learn to weave your life into a web to help land the fall of others.......When slowly your heart becomes a warm resort for those in need, it'll show on your face........it's what others will perceive as beautiful........At such a crossroad, when you become vulnerable, you will have Nature by your side which will gift you with the will to withstand anything and the talent to undertake and complete anything with the uttermost perfection.........

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