#### My Naked Beauty Said- Poem by sarwar chowdhury

#### My Naked Beauty Said-

Rating: 4.5

When Beauty
Comes to meet with I
Naked she
Wonderful! no shy.

Scented charming entity - every part
Enchant me, intrinsic, lively, smart.

Our colloquy
Open and significant
Beauty always
Giver, not recipient.

She is in joy and within sorrow
My sensorium salutes to and fro-

Because my quest
From east to west-

'Why you, too, in deep pain? '
'Time circling, here am in chain!
Change hue when comes ordain.'

Beauty do not know- what is shy
I love her to know my inner I.

'Listen my dear, inquisitive you,
Everyday come questions new.
What, where, why, how, when, if.
Want clear answer, not misty or brief.
You can say Future play alike idiot!
Always put on the way dot dot dot.
Magic, deception, lightning.
Thinks and things rocking,
Jocking, poking, cheer!
There is no present here.
Within no time Future become Past.
Giggling time giggling dust!
Blackholes consuming past why?
No answer but play XX versus XY.
Idiot not the Future o dear
It's wisdom to identify what you are! '

Asked I-
'Some say your role illusive all over? '

'Incorrect, my duty is to illumine, to uncover.
Now you see- I am alike she
In fact, me in multiform, many she he.
I am Romeo, I am juliet, I am in nature
I input more power within all creature.
I am in anger, I am in love, I am in dress
I am always moving, I am in undress.
That the flower said- not to fall in love her
May say soon goodbye, wherever you are.
I was in she, at that time, o dear sarwar
She loves you, though no disclosure! '

Suddenly Beauty's eyes moist with tears
Asked I -
‘Why? tell me, tell me Beauty dear! '
'When Childrens cry, they die, I sad much
Things ordained even with their love touch!
Oh! innocent childs, oh God!
Forgive me, forgive my nod'

I, too, pray with tears and sigh
Beauty said- 'For now bye dear bye'.

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.

#### My Naked  Beauty Said-
Nikunj Sharma 13 August 2009

wandering, wonderful and stimulating...nicely penned....read my poem called I AM....u may like it

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dr veenaa rai 11 August 2009

the many sides of love...the many parts of us...the many meanings...very well written

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Tara Fortier 04 August 2009

'I, too, pray with tears and sigh Beauty said- 'For now bye dear bye' SIMPLY AMAZING ! ! 10+

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Stephen Magill 28 July 2009

I am Romeo, I am juliet, I am nature, WOW. i feel like i need a cigarette after reading that. wow.

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Zachary Clark 28 July 2009

I like it alot It gets a 10. Though there are a couple parts where your message gets a tiny bit lost the jocking and black hole stanza. I feel it is kind of misleading with strays of extra words. The whole flow of the poem kust changes a bit. Kinda messing with the master peace. Just my opinion you don't have to listen. Zachary Clark

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 17 February 2015

Sounds as if you have your life together top 2 bottom and enjoying every moment of it just fine! LoL! enjoyed this, Sar....Keep that pen pumping (as well) ! ~FjR~

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 15 November 2009

'...Beauty always // Giver, not recipient....' So simple but I missed it till on date LOL! ! Ten++ for ‘Lady-Luck’ with beauty. niv Please find new posts and looking for your comments niv

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 24 September 2009

a wonderful poem showing us the various dimensions of love and beauty...a lot of depth i this poem...it seems to connect the beauty of all...is beauty an expression of god...ypu make me think....10

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Obinna Eruchie 08 September 2009

Wonderfully visualised, Sarwar.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 30 August 2009

, too, pray with tears and sigh Beauty said- 'For now bye dear bye'. a thing of beauty is joy for ever.. beauty in any form is welcome and praise worth. it is not to be cried over. feel shy or to betouched..... well done and i loved it....10 read mine touch me not...cry not...love at first sight

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sarwar chowdhury

sarwar chowdhury

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