Oh! Flower, I Feel Sorry For You! ! ! Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

Oh! Flower, I Feel Sorry For You! ! !

Rating: 4.3

I saw a nice little flower…
Enjoying herself in the nice warm fields…
The place felt fine, what a beautiful sight! !
Why didn't it come yesterday? !
But the joy didn't last long enough…what a pity!
‘Cause the flower was plucked away! ! !
It was no longer there
So was the beauty
How gloomy the place felt now for sight! !
Why do flowers bloom, if it has to be murdered this way? ?
Still, they bloom, though they die so prematurely…
But to beautify the Earth! !
Why do we hurt these little things, who give us joy? ?
They are the ones who blooms happiness to the world
Aren't we too bound to be blossomed into flowers of happiness? ? ?
Oh Flower! ! I feel sorry for you! !
Can you be born again? ?
If I could, I would've fixed you into yourself again
But powerless I am…powerless except for eyes that are blind, but see evil thoughts
Why doesn't man think before his acts? ?
Why doesn't he care about his fellow creatures? ? ?


(Do you think before you act? Such as, when you pick a flower? Do you enjoy the beauty and DO YOU throw it away in the trash? Do you ever think of other people who may also enjoy the beauty?)

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

Oh!  Flower, I Feel Sorry For You! ! !
Subbaraman N V 09 March 2009

Great write! Great feelings! Great sensitivity! But that is the Divine will! ! !

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Merna Ibrahim 14 November 2010

Through these simple lines, you are discussing an important case and sending an important message..I hope people would think before doing anything! ! .God bless you dear :) 10++

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Ronald Speight 08 March 2009

its beautiful and in a creative mind one can think that the flower can represent all forms of life on this world even people

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C. P. Sharma 29 April 2009

Oceanic thought of a feeling heart. CP

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Jester's P 12 May 2009

poetry is a tool to convey a 'feeling' - the truth and reality that 'man' is an emotional creature...the words in your poem is simple yet touching the man's nature, and man and its nature. however, its not a question to know what is birth nor what is death, but it is a journey to understand the meaning the what is between them...just like in your poem 'the flower that blooms in the morning is the samr flower that will wither in the evening. all the best in your poetry let us cvontinue its legacy.

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Sethu 09 April 2018

So good Aiswarya

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Dr Antony Theodore 11 December 2017

Why do we hurt these little things, who give us joy? ? They are the ones who blooms happiness to the world Aren’t we too bound to be blossomed into flowers of happiness? ? ? beautiful dear poetess. so young as you are, you lift up your mind into the world lofty thoughts........ how true are your words..... beauty is God... tony

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chakkachula 16 November 2017

Sreebhoovilasthira angottu english aakiyo?

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Sangeetha Biju 23 June 2011

Nice one, Aiswarya! Keep up the good work!

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Haa pushpame...athika tunga padathiletra shobhichirunnatayi rajni kanakkaye nee Sreebhoovilasthira asamshayaminnu ninteyabhootiyengu punarengu kidappitorthaal

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