I Desire Poem by Allama Muhammad Iqbal

I Desire

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I want to have the extremes of your Love,
See, how silly am I, wishing for unachievable.

I don't care if you maltreat me or promise to unveil your beauty,
I just want something unbearable to test my fortitude

Let the God fearing people be dwelling in the paradise,
For, instead I want to be face to face with you.
(I don't want to go to paradise but want to observe the Divine Beauty)

O fellows, I am here for a few moments, as a gust,
Like morning star I will fade and vanish in a few moments.

I disclosed the secret in public,
I need to be punished for being so rude.

I Desire
M Asim Nehal 22 October 2016

tere ishq kii intahaa chaahataa huu.N merii saadagii dekh kyaa chaahataa huu.N sitam ho ki ho vaadaa-e-behijaabii ko_ii baat sabr-aazamaa chaahataa huu.N ye jannat mubaarak rahe zaahido.n ko ki mai.n aap kaa saamanaa chaahataa huu.N ko_ii dam kaa mehamaa.N huu.N ai ahal-e-mahafil chiraaG-e-sahar huu.N, bujhaa chaahataa huu.N bharii bazm me.n raaz kii baat kah dii ba.Daa be-adab huu.N, sazaa chaahataa huu.N

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Shukraan asli ghazal bhejne k liye! !

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Mazhar Butt 10 June 2009

It would be nice if English translation of Iqbal's poems is also provided. Non-Urdu-Persian readers obviusly cannot benefit from his thoughts. I hope the managers of the website will do something in this regard. thanks

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M Asim Nehal 21 December 2015

Bahut khoob....Kuch batein sare aam nahi ki ja sakti....10

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Ganesh Dhamodkar 04 August 2007

bharii bazm me.n raaz kii baat kah dii ba.Daa be-adab huu.N, sazaa chaahataa huu.N what a nice couplet!

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jennifer 01 May 2022

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 May 2022

Execellent start by the great Poet Iqbal, in reality he knows too well what is possible and which not. I have enjoyed tremendously of his great knowledge. True fsacinating read

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 May 2022

Powerful poem betwixt passionate love and obeying God, between meeting his Beauty in Paradise or seeing the Light. He is a Great Poet from Pakistan.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 02 May 2021

I don't care if you maltreat me... what a strong determination! An admirable composition.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 May 2021

True enjoyable poem, magnificently rendered and powerfully worded, with humor and much care. Most deserving poem of the great poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal chosen as The Classic Poem Of The Day

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Sialkot / British India
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