I know you thought we could make it
And I know the blame doesn’t lie with you
It’s not your fault-not even a little bit
It’s me and my selfishness, no matter what you argue.

I’ve known this was coming from the very first day
I’ve played along and you’ve done all you could
Though I’ve always known it couldn’t be any other way
I was never staying for ever…even though I should.

You’ve been the only one there through thick and thin
So you’ll always have a special place with me
In the end though, I’ve let my true feelings win
It’s for the best, one day you’ll see.

Not a member No 4 21 November 2006

Amy, I've read all five poems. You're a bright, talented girl. Love is a language that we all know, in our own fashion, but very few of us take the time during the special years - the teenage ones - to attempt to put those feelings into poetry. You're doing a very fine job of it. Thinking it all through in order to put it into words will help you gain a better understanding of the unpredictable ocean and fire that love is or can be. On the self love issue - referred to by 2 others in posts to another of yours - I have to say that you have to at least approve of yourself before you can give of yourself fully and freely.(Read through Jackson Solo's work on this sited for a very appropriate insight into this issue) . As for Andy, well, only time will tell. Seeing your feelings truly is a bit of a nightmare. If Andy hadn't worn his heart on his sleeve, if he'd used more guile, it might have been different! And there may come a time - it might be many years from now - when you'll see him entirely differently. Love is a labyrinth of illusions and deceptions, and a minefield of agony and ecstasy. Teenage love can be truly wonderful. Keep writing yourself into the world. Your writing is refreshingly honest and insightful. Thanks, jim

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