Don'T Leave Things Unsaid, Or You'Ll Have To Decipher 32 Pages Of Bollox And Read Between The Lines To Get The Message.

Rating: 2.8

She wrote me a letter from Cuba, lots of loose pages
She posted it there and it didnt come to me for ages.
Worth waiting for. Complete with coffee stain,
Upside down stamp, her heart laid bare and plain.

She told me of the wall she’d built,
To keep us all out, now she can’t handle the guilt.
Because we’re far from each other now, and things wont be the same,
Guess she woke up and realised she’d been playing a silly game
Because we were all there for her but she pushed us far away,
She didn’t need us, or the silly games we play.

But hey there baby I’m still here for you,
I kissed you in a drunken haze I still think of when im blue.
You asked me if I believed in soul mates, and no I don’t think you’re mine,
Because I still don’t know if I can love and im scared to cross that line
Baby we’re two snobs and we’re too good for this small town,
We dream of fairy tales and mournful males, they’re fighting for our crown.
I learnt to swim when I was 10 years old; you said you’d like to know,
I kicked out hard and breathed in deep and voila, there you go.
No lo se mi bonito janatero, me encanta tu,
We speak Spanish like amateurs,4 years how they flew.
They don’t talk to me anymore, so it looks like its just us baby
And that’s how it should be I think, oh definitely maybe.

Do you understand how he made me feel and why I needed him?
You weren’t really there in those days, drowning yourself in gin.
Im glad you’re back now because he’s gone and im awful lonesome
I think of him with sadness now, and I wish i hadnt been so dumb

I bend these words, I know they’re not perfection, I always adored that trait
Of yours. I know how you feel though you think it is too late
I always knew, and thanks for still being there, though im not with you
I digress… but I love you, and im sorry too.

GAZ illionaire 26 August 2007

I dont know why you said you cant write good titles, i love this one :) its eye catching and its clever. Good poem

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