Angel Above.... Poem by Dislocated Heart

Angel Above....

Rating: 2.6

stand from where you sit.
be yellow in a group of red.
be the thorns on that rose.
be the key to this very soul.

angels above knows...
im waiting for you...

standing on the edge.
looking far and wide.
my heart tells me thats where we'll meet.

angels above knows..
im waiting for you...

ill swim across sea if could be with you.
ill run a million miles if i could see you.
ill die a thousand times, if i could save you.

angel above knows..
im waiting for you...

ill be that little star in the sky, guiding you to a good life.
ill be your friend, when you need someone to talk to.
ill be near by, when things are crashing down..
ill be there to pick you up, and turn that frown around.

angel above knows..
im waiting for you..

Shasta ! ! ! 23 April 2008

Hey i really liked your poem it was so pretty im kindda in the same situation right noe so yeah but i really like it.

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Day Dreamer 05 March 2008

thats such a sweet poem and well written, good gob : : D

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linzi- kidd 25 February 2008

that poem is amazing! . so much thought was put in to it..

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 19 February 2008

aw is that poem you wrote yesterday? ? ..on me? lol thanx I LOVE IT! ! and im also waiting for you : -x lol with love, curly

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