*love* Poem by Dislocated Heart


Rating: 2.9

I am in love.. that I can say..
with her.. I wont deny.

She is on my mind.. constantly..
I miss her.. more then words can say..
I love her more than all the stars in the sky..

I write to her.. I miss her more..

Valentines day..
I wont even be there to see the look on her face.
When she opens that box..
smiles.. and maybe that twinkle in her eyes..

I'd do anything.. to make her smile..

Sorry I'm not there to give flowers..
If I could.. I'd give you a rose each and everyday..
I'd take you to the beach.. and spend the night away..

My love.. understand this.. understand now..
I love you.. never will that change.

distance is the only thing thats keeping us apart.

I wish you well, sleep and dream of paradise..
wake up, and smile to warm treats and delight..
One day.. I'll be right there by yourside..

No matter what..
This love will stay..
until my very last breath,
until, my very last sight..
until.. the end of time..

Catrina Heart 17 January 2009

You just made my day with this fine loving and soulful poem of yours....so heartfelt, penned with eloquence and fine flow of words...10+++

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This is beautiful love.. very real and true. Pure and moves very well.. Thank you for sharing KRISTA

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Sunset moonshine 19 January 2009

I really like this poem.. it makes me speechless.. i have no reall ygood comment to decribe this., .. its that good...keep it up

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 21 April 2009

this is a heartfelt poem great work

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Kerli Undead 10 February 2009

this is a touching peom <3 ~Kerli

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Shilesha Johnson 26 January 2009

wow this poem touched my heart. i love this poem very much. it makes me think of how my boyfriend used to feel about me and although this poem was not written with me in mind, i pretended that the words were being said to me by my x. i love this poem very much. keep it up.

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Allysyn Bryant 21 January 2009

I wanted to write you a comment but unfortunately i truly can't......this poem has left me speechless...

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Amanda Seltrecht 20 January 2009

I really like this poem... It is very sincere and heartfelt. Keep on writing you are great at it. Do you think that you could read my poems and tell me what you think of them? ? Thank you Amanda

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