4 All The Women/Girls Out There! Poem by Dislocated Heart

4 All The Women/Girls Out There!

Rating: 3.1

a women.

she can tease.
she can smile.
she can do such harm that makes us men kneel down and bow.
of course all girls wants to be the princess in their mans heart.
always wanting the attention they can never get.
but only a girl with honor, integrity, and patient's
will be the most beautiful girl of all.

im saying not all women arent beautiful.
they all are.
just different ways of showing.

a womens humor.
a womens passion.
their every move
is unique
also extraordinary.

every women got a way to cast a spell on a guy.
something bout each women keeps a guy going back.
and wanting more.
and if your a women reading this. no! not that.
i mean for you.
wanting you.
for your personality.
the way you smile.
the way you cry.
the way you laugh and dance.

this is for all the women out there who thinks they are not good enough, or thinks they are ugly. your not ugly! ! !
i know that everyone has an ugly side. but look deep in yourself and you will find,
a beautiful soul ready to blossom...

Shannon Wright 07 January 2008

Another ten and a virtual hug (((hug))) - shannon

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kandii koted babe 09 January 2008

you express you'reself very beautiful about women or the ladies but yet you're not happy with what she's done to you..

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 01 March 2008

yeahhhh.......man, you got it right! Women are fragile and like a piece of cake.You got to eat it or life is amiss.

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Lacey Unknown 17 March 2008

This poem is amazing! Most guys go their entire live without noitcing these things. Thank you for recognizing that all women are beautiful in their own special way

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Arthel Tagnipez 19 March 2008

wow... i never actually thought someone would write this about us girls... two thumbs up! ! !

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Justina Haner 08 March 2010

so beautiful......and so heartwarming

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Bethany M. 12 July 2008

beautiful, i think that every woman/girl who reads this will be touched in a way that you may not ever know. as I was. Very nice poem!

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R R 24 June 2008

The poem is great - just there are some tiny spelling mistakes that discount its perfectness.

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Serenity Prayer 10 June 2008

thank you. this proves that not all guys are jerks. lol. very good. thank you very much.

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Allysyn Bryant 16 May 2008

WOW.... That's a great poem! Although i have to admit, it does make me wonder... lol. Please keep writing, I love your poems. =)

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