~try Be Perfect Just For You~ Poem by Dislocated Heart

~try Be Perfect Just For You~

Rating: 2.4

we all make mistakes,
i have...
im not proud but i realize what i must do.
ill fix it just because i love you.

im not always nice...
im sorry.
i know im not always the senstive one, or the one thats always there.
but i realize what i must do.
ill fix it just for you.

i know im the jealous type,
i get into a lot of fights,
ill change,
just for you...
to make you realize i love you.

yes i know im not always sweet or the guy that just wants to cuddle.
im sorry for all the things i cant be.
but ill change,
just for you.
ill fix myself just for you.

i know im away,
i know i cant always be there.
but ill try,
see im changing my ways.
babe ill be senstive,
babe ill be sweet,
babe ill be there,
babe ill love you till the sun dont shine
and we could sleep all night.
and ill still love you no matter whats in the past
cause your all it matters to me.
i love you for you.
dont change,
dont do anything.
ill try to be the perfect guy just for you.
ill try,
ill change,
to be the perfect guy,
just for you.
fix all the mistakes,
and the flaws,
just for you...
ill try be perfect just for you...

Chaotic Life - Curly M. 19 January 2008

awwwwwwww...really sweet love it : -)

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Katrina Pilon 08 October 2009

yes no one is perfect but i think ur rele sweet but you shouldnt have to change she should accept u for who u r not wht she wants u 2 be but 2 me and in my eyes ur perfect in every way and to me ur flawless and beautiful in every way luv u

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R R 24 June 2008

No one is perfect, but the love can make us try to be our best - just for the one we love. Simple lines with sincere heart and the poem turns out to be great.

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Rani Turton 14 May 2008

This is a very very sweet poem where your love seems to be humble and sincere. But maybe she could love you with some of those faults anyway?

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Sandy nobody 14 May 2008

sweet poem..but change only for yourself..if you change for others.. then youre not being you and you need to be you to be happy...

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Wendy Collison 28 March 2008

Thats really sweet, but to tell you the truth if she loves you then you shouldn't have to change anything about yourself! Great poem!

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