**to Say Good-Bye. Poem by Dislocated Heart

**to Say Good-Bye.

Rating: 2.6

Dont even know myself.
I'm caught between what I gotta be and who I am.
This toss up is ridiculous, I wont stand for it.
For once I want a peace of mind.
Just someone to lean on and by my side.
I want peace and quiet.
Maybe for a minute, for a second.. just for a day.

I can see me running in circles.
Drawing shapes and forms of nothing at all.
I can see me diving into the ocean.
Getting lost in the waves.
Cuz thats where I am.

Someone drag me back to earth..
save me from what I got in my mind.
I can hardly breath..
I think its just time..

Ever felt like saying good-bye?
To everyone you've ever met...
And say - 'Hey, have a good life, I'm going off now. heaven or hell, doesnt matter.'
So set on it...
just waiting for that one car to hit you..
or maybe for an accident to occur.

I want nothing more, but to say......


Sally Plumb Plumb 20 February 2011

I'm sorry for your state of mind. Try 'Surprise Surprise'.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 12 February 2011

Very distressing condition.... treat it as a learning curve.

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Justina Haner 29 March 2010

DON'T U DARE KILL URSELF! ! ! ! ! I might not no u very well but ur an amazin person. think of all the ppl who love u.

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That's really deep. I've felt like this so much, especially lately. It's incredibly tough to get any peace of mind anymore. I so understand what you mean by just lost in the ocean. It makes so much sense. I hope things get better for you. Awesome poem.

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Katrina Pilon 09 December 2009

if ur gonna commited suicide dont even think twice about lots of ppl love u and ur poetry i cant stand loosing someone else in my life one guy on this same sight and my dad plzz dont i beg u i would miss u sooo very much u mean alot 2 me just plzz b safe u cant leave me ur family and the world ppl need u i need u the world does to ur a great guy just dont try I WOULD MISS U SOOO DEARLY SO VERY MUCH

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