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Loving you
At this time of the day
Never been this certain
It's noisy outside

I wrote you this song
In the simplest rhyme and form
Cause you see
Not everything has to be

No I won’t sleep at night
Cause I breathe better when its night time
That’s when I can vanish a little
And drift my identity away

Where are you, Miracles?
I’m reaching out for you.
Mama says you’d be there for me if I listened to her.
But it’s been raining ever since the stars left the sky,

Unlike some people,
My I Love Yous don’t come out easy.
They get stuck on their way out,
Right there,

I told my mum
“I wanna marry a rockstar”
I don’t want a lawyer
They talk way too much

I think I’m in love with you.
I think we’d make a perfect combination.
I think a lot of things;
But I don’t know.


18 isn’t a special number
18 is what I am today
18 isn’t what I intended to be
Cause 18 doesn’t make me anything different.

Some people like me this way
Some other like me that way
Here, a remote control to please every tired soul
Switch me

I would like to meet you
Desperately need to learn your name
One of these days,
One of the days when i need you,

12.43 am,

If Monday’s a breathing creature,

One bright, sunny day.
It was last year,
I remember vividly.
A few months before the Tsunami attacked,

I don’t know how to feel
When my senses are melting down.
Or how to react,
When my defenses are coming down.

This is a love letter
Written from the deepest soul,
The purest of heart
A man can only hope to define.


Don’t leave, Heaven
Don’t go, Sanity
Please stay
I want to live

Munching Famous Amos
Sitting Indian-style on a couch
Remote control not too far to reach
Radiohead concert on Channel [V]

I’m oddly attracted to him
But it takes two to tango
And we,
We’d make a funny sight

Maybe you'll be there tomorrow
Yeah, maybe
Maybe you'll walk up to me
To compliment my bright outfit

I wonder who she is?
She walks like there's no pre-determined destination
Sometimes she stops to draw breath
Then she carries on to fill up her tank

I've seen it all, I have seen the trees,
I've seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze

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'Sometimes we put up walls not to block people out but to see who cares enough to break them down.' thx for dropping by =))

The Best Poem Of Lara W.A

(to A Certain Someone)

Loving you
At this time of the day
Never been this certain
It's noisy outside
People minding their own affairs
I'm loving you
From afar.

Loving you
And don't quite know why
Or how or when
My love for you
There'll be no ending
I'm loving you
Risking myself.

Loving you
Heart and soul but they can't tell
This secret -
It's gonna tear me apart
This knowledge -
It's gonna keep me up at night
But I'm loving you
This much i know.

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Ivy Christou 12 October 2005

Anies I really like your poetry.. You write with passion and with your heart embedded on the paper. Keep up the good work, you are a promising poet! HBH

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Otteri Selvakumar 05 August 2005

Write with your hands good poems for the tommrow world.very nice to think wrote with different...! ! ! !

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Leonard Lee 24 June 2005

hi there im from good to see S.E. asia people around here! ! anyway i think your work is very good! !

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