Anniversary! Poem by anju addanki


Rating: 4.7

It was such a bright day,
As all was in my way,
The sun showed its first ray,
And my husbands kiss made me gay.

Cuddling each other in the bed,
To the memories did it led,
Making love like newly wed,
Made my face turn like red.

Downstairs did we ran,
In to the kitchen holding a pan,
Making our lunch plan,
We had a full ban.

Diamond on my finger,
Bringing the bodies nearer,
Suddenly felt the warmth on my lips,
And my heart flips,
Which felt like a bliss.

Walking hand in hand,
To the restaurant did we land,
Inside we stand,
With candle lights and a band,
WIth a big cake and garland,
That was my husbands plan.
With a happy heart,
We prayed to God not to part.

As we were out,
All heard me shout,
As I saw my husband with blood clot,
Terrorist had shot no doubt.
For him he was just Some One,
But, for me he was EveryOne.
He breathed his last,
And in a second he became my past,
And that was my anniversarys blast.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 30 October 2009

Take off was very lovely romantic sensuous but touch down is crash landing a swirl twirl and gosh. Ten++ for take off part but prayers for last part. Ms. Nivedita. UK Please read my poems with comments if you … niv

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Chitra - 30 October 2009

an overwhelming poem with shades of all emotions..these sensitive lines brought tears to my eyes.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 01 November 2009

Very tragic end, don't know what to say!

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Ravi Sathasivam 01 November 2009

Very sad end. Some of sensitive lines brought my heart pain. 10+

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Nikunj Sharma 02 November 2009

there's a strong twist in there.........the end is surprising and tragic....the poem is nice

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Anju Addanki 03 March 2015

Thank you all for your comments. Yes its just fiction and not true..

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Allemagne Roßmann 11 February 2010

Rhythm of anniversary is divine-- It was such a bright day, As all was in my way, The sun showed its first ray, And my husbands kiss made me gay. Pleased with your poetess skills-your Day, way, ray, gay Kept everything at bay Glooms to slay By a blow of happiness's heavy hay Flows love and passion in this body made of clay Donkeys of hope still bray as we play our passtime cards in call bray As life flows on the highway From the fiery heartbeats of going a groping ropeway To a 18 till i die with him the runaway It is me and you forever to stay Forever we play as stray dogs affray from alleys of mumbaiana to the ash-trays of africana We drink still the same life of tropicana Awaiting the monsoon under the turquoise sea and sky's conspiracy to be dark, to be black and once again to be grey So that i can say hoorrrrrrrrrrrrrrray---- Very poignant write..10/10 Aamit Rothschild.

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Indira Babbellapati 06 November 2009

.......what life is all about! as do others, i suppose, it's fictitious!

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Ranjit Ravindran 04 November 2009

superb...well constructed plot...everything is fine, poetically. I only hope its a work of fiction, for it did unnerve me, Ma'am. Ranjit

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Rajinder Singh 04 November 2009

very touching.i hope it is not real

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