Gandhi! ! Gods Gift. Poem by anju addanki

Gandhi! ! Gods Gift.

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Gandhi a Gift of GOD-
And so we praise the lord,
His creation is a miracle-
And thats life cycle.
Making Monkey his tool-
Gandhi preached a rule,
Which makes u healthier;
And turns u wealthier.
Good only see-
Which will make u agree,
Not talking bad-
Which will make u glad,
Bad not hear-
Which makes your heart clear,
Follow all this three-
And u will see,
Life is so free,
Thats my only fee.

Luwi Habte 14 September 2009

wow nice poem, great one love the rhythm luwi

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Joseph Poewhit 14 September 2009

For one to cast off the shackles of monetary greed - inspiring

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 14 September 2009

wise poem, for sure gandhiji and many others are true gift of our motherland 'INDIA' jai hind!

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Marieta Maglas 21 September 2009

Beautiful rational poem, nice portret.These free verses convey very well the personality of Gandhi.Thank you for sharing.10+++++

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Anjali Sinha 17 September 2009

Gandhi--Gods Gift? was he? the creator of Pakistan good write--- -10 anjali

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~ Jon London ~ 15 September 2009

A wise piece painted with vision...well penned Anju my friend...your poetry continues to grow with each new edition..10

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Kranthi Pothineni 15 September 2009

Your write made me to visualize those three monkey sculptures. Nice write.

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Chitra - 15 September 2009

Gandhiji's principles..reflected through these wise lines!

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