Another Journey Poem by Randy McClave

Another Journey

When from everyone I want to get away
I jump on a plane,
When a new place I want to visit and stay
I then jump on a train.
Then my mind and my thoughts are somewhere new,
With new adventures and memories I can ensue.

Whenever that I want to be all alone
I hike on the farm,
I then place myself and my mind in a different zone
Never do I find any harm.
That is where I can get lost and always concentrate,
Where I can talk to God and with nature contemplate.

Whenever I need to relax and ponder
I swim in my pool,
When I have time and energy to squander
There I am refreshed and cool.
Then when I close my eyes in the cool, cool water,
With a smile I wish that the sun was a little bit hotter.

Whenever I want to escape for just a while
I get on my boat,
I take it down the river for about a mile
Then I anchor it off and I float.
Then relaxed, I look about at all of God's creation,
Then I find my truest inspiration.

Wherever that I ever need or want to be
I will just go,
Whether in the mountains, in the water or flying over the sea
I will always know.
To me life is a competition and a tourney,
So, today I will again start another journey.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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