Another Love Song Poem by londiwe buthelezi

Another Love Song

Rating: 4.9

last night we were alright.but now i feel all alone.
you keep ignoring me, you don't pick up the phone.
was it something that i did? or maybe something that i said?
one minute we we're laughing, and the next our love was dead.

it's over now; and i can't beg you to stay.
i guess we're over now; but did it have to end this way?
and we're over now; and i'm not feeling ok.
so we're over now.what else is there to say?

our conversations were so long, but now we can't even say hello
when did all this happen? where did our love go?
i dream about us at night, i dream we still had fun.
but i wake up then i realise that both of us are done.

Joseph Poewhit 24 April 2009

Some people pass like ships in the night. SAD

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Muhammad Ali 24 April 2009

Nice poem of specific mood............ though it is sad well written 10+ -Ali

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anurag duggal 24 April 2009

love is in the air in india its spring...come here ill show u beautiful roses that tell epic tales of love......

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Corey Threet 24 April 2009

Really nice poem though it wasn't nice at all I really felt your emotion I liked the way it flowed and everything great write and remember Spread Yourself! ! ! !

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Ken E Hall 25 April 2009

A love song gone wrong a trillion times this happens until the magic of mr right, well done regards

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Marieta Maglas 15 July 2009

nice words of love, well written poem..10 from me

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Siddharth Singh 14 July 2009

There's a lot of heartbreak interwoven into that love song! good work.

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Anjali Sinha 13 July 2009

you sang this song well I could feel the pathos in every word hey Londiwe-Anurag told me to read yours. Good I did it--your really good -10 anjali (do read mine Michael Jackson and Love Letters on the Sands of Tme)

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Her Name Is Taylor 27 April 2009

so so sad, really hope you can or did move on, that was a a heartfelt poem, that seems very honest

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Nathan Gibbons 27 April 2009

i like the simplicity of the poem...speaks of how quickly feelings can change and one is left to figure out the why, when, and how of it all...and to go forward with the what now question as one surveys the ruins

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londiwe buthelezi

londiwe buthelezi

empangeni, south africa
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