I Love You Although I'Ve Never Met You Poem by Abdallah Gamal

I Love You Although I'Ve Never Met You

Rating: 4.6

In my life you are a beautiful dream,
but in my dream you are mine.
You are the soul and the blood stream,
that could make me an eternal life.

I've made the most important discovery of my life,
It's only in the mysterious equation of love,
that inspired the world arround me and changed my life,
It was hard to find it, and harder to solve,
It was like a dream to me as well as a great strife,
and that is the great power and the magic of love,

I love you although I've never met you,
with you I can stand up for anything to do.
I love you although I've never met you,
you changed my life and so my sky to blue.
I love you although I never met you,
but in my dreams I really meet you.

I Love You Although I'Ve Never Met You
Alisha A. 22 August 2013

This such a sweet poem! I love it! :)

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Mihaela Pirjol 09 September 2014

A lovely poem... Ideal Love...a sweet and candid expression of a dreamt love.

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Makala Kuhle 10 December 2012

I still absolutely love this poem. I love it more every time I read it.

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Tsbiyah Bat Yah 06 September 2012

I love this it is so beautiful sorry it took me so long to respond havent been on here in a long time...i look forward to seeing more i am such a fan now [3 -Sylvia Perry

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Mary Medina 19 September 2012

This is so radiant. I really enjoyed reading this.

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Dave 22 August 2022

Should there be a scenario where you meet a woman and feel love her and she won't meet you? Busy is not an answer! Right. There go the poem feflects

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Dave 22 August 2022

This is kinda perfect. I'm new to a mental intimate relationship mentally and physically thru words! We've never met and I wonder why and as her and I call unconventional!

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Preitty Nayarr 01 January 2015

Fell in love with the wordings...loved it keep it up! !

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Darlene Walsh 23 December 2014

This is a lovely but sad poem, well written and it flows very nicely. Having love that only exists in dream, longing for love that you can not touch, is very sad.

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Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi 23 December 2014

Beautiful words magical touch...such mature writing :) . I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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