Another Parable Poem by Fred Babbin

Another Parable

Rating: 1.5

At first, there was complete emptiness -
nothing, zilch, not even zero, an undescribable nothing -
no light, no darkness.
But then there were these two noumenal essences
in this void, as part of it.
One was Logos, and one was Chaos.
As they condensed, the two finally joined,
and out of that union came
But God was not an old man with a white beard -
he was a sweet little cherub.
So His parents
(He must have been 'He' -
what female god would wish menstruation,
PMS, childbirth, etc. on Her creations,
let alone all of the misogynist biblical literature
that there is about women? Remember the Apple)
gave Him something to play with,
viz., the Four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
They told Him to be careful,
but being a baby,
He did the wrong thing,
and the Big Bang occurred.
Nothing has been the same since.

Every time He tries to fix something,
something else gets screwed up,
and since we have been made in His image,
we carry on the tradition.

Of course, his first big mistake
was His invention of the Big Bang.
So in order to correct this,
He invented Conscioussness.
In order to correct Concsciousness,
He invented Death.
Since He was not able to reverse Time
(even God cannot do this) ,
To satisfy both Death and Consciousness,
He invented Man.
To correct that mistake,
He invented Religion.
But Man invented
Irresponsible Reproduction
and blamed it on God (Be fruitful and multiply) .
After that, because of all these mistakes,
In a fit of Depression, God invented
War, Conquest, Pestilence, and Starvation
(He had already invented Death) .
To aid His process of Confusion and Depression,
Man has further invented Poverty and Pollution.

And so we must meditate on these things
And sing and dance and laugh together,
For we don't have a choice;
We can sing to God's existence,
We can dance to God's existence,
We can make great art for Him.

But we must make our Perfect Lives,
For God cannot.

Fred Babbin

Sybille Weiss 10 February 2008

So God cannot make our perfect lives, and we certainly cannot, so where does that leave us? We have learned to exist with imperfection.

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Naidz Ladia 12 January 2009

ur parable s very beautiful, , from creation of the wrld where GOD s the frst character yhen came the people, people wth diffrent nterests nterest to rule, destroy but cudnt change the facts the facts that everthing ends wth a purpose cud be a punishment or jst a proof that no one lives like GOD so, while still living make our lives gud as perfect as GOD'S...

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Catrina Heart 11 January 2009

From the scholars of science and religion....into a refine poets observation came a parable of his own. From the nothingness, there goes creation of heaven and earth, the story of the principal elements of human kind. Interesting poem, we can relate it to what is happening to our world now in chaos, mass distructions etc....10+

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Chitra - 14 October 2008

layers of deep thinking effusing the pearls of wisdom talking about creation, God and His kingdom

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Sathyanarayana M V S 03 August 2008

A good treatise on creation and God. I tried something a little different I AM GOD.But I liked this poem sathya narayana

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Not a member No 6 08 July 2008

And glory begets disgrace, for some accursed creature thought that balance might be possible down the road between extremes, and the most accursed of all thought that poetry might be the balm to cure us of our ills, and so it might but at the cost of the reader's ever weakening grip on what's left of the little sanity and sense he'd cobbled together from scraps of notions evolving down the generations. It's not an easy thing to do Fred but you've produced something which should put a smile on the reader's dish. It did on mine. A pleasure to read. You see all the connections and laid a few of them out with style. Thanks.

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