Artist’s Model Poem by Paul Hansford

Artist’s Model

Rating: 3.3

Stand there, he told me.
Look up, try not to move.
So I stood there
while he painted me in half-profile,
and looked at the sky
and tried not to move.
I tried to think of nothing,
but (you know how it is)
the thoughts come into your head.
So I looked at the sky and remembered.
Tears in my eyes?
No, it was just that the sky
was very bright that day, I remember.
I remember a lot of things.
Some of them I’d prefer not to.

Vaibhav Pandey 04 January 2009

interesting piece.................

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Susan Jarvis 29 September 2009

A master of English once told me, a perfect writer never gives the reader too much; it's those words that are left unsaid that say everything. Now I know exactly what he meant. S :)

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Jacqui Thewless 06 September 2009

I liked this a lot till I came to the last line, (which could be rewritten?) - the style of which is suddenly formal and stuffy.

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Lillian Thomas 29 August 2009

Quite a nice poem Paul, you are quite good at creating these atmospheres. It leaves a lot unsaid, and leaves it to our imaginations to figure out what the subtext is. Something emotional is going on out of view, but I don't think you have given us enough to guess what. And maybe that is how you want it left: more about the emotion itself rather than the cause. But for me this intimating something but not saying and no way to know, is a bit distracting, I think I am too curious for my own good. lol

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Sonya Florentino 18 July 2009

it's hard to keep still...and it's hard to forget....poignant write....

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~ Jon London ~ 23 June 2009

Paul, one thing I have grown to expect from your creations, is your natural ability to create such wonderful imagery in your writes....your poems expand the mind.....keep penning my friend

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