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You were in my dreams again last night
And they were plentiful.

You pulled me close and held me tight

Morning winds blow ice-bound air, in curling gusts about my hair.
Within, my toes are cosy warm - without, my shoes are scuffed and torn.

With face pressed to the north I walk, abjuring folk and idle talk.

Stuck between a rock and a soft place;
Caught on the horns of a dilemma.
Whether ‘tis nobler to howl at the moon
or stoic, stiff-lipped

Eager exit out the door
collecting carrier bags from the floor.
Happy, hopeful, scents the air
leaving puddles everywhere.

My MSN status says I’m available – how apt
as I sit rapt and read the mail. ‘Its not you
Its me – lousy timing’; my heart skips a beat.

Beside me and around me and in me,
you fill me with the length of you.

Measure for measure in matching pleasure

Soul-mate stale-mate
yielding heart meets steel plate.
Sweet surrender soured by fate
always pining for that date.

We’ve grown sperm in a Petri dish, and have power tools in pink,
there’s gizmos for jar lids, and stuff for blocked up sinks.
From suffragettes to girl-power we left the men behind,
but while embracing my fundament I never lost the wonderment

Dissonant Counterbalance

The dawning of the shortest day brought forth the shadow girl
into a shadowed world. She’s clothed in midnight hues

Brute Adonis sleeps while Winter in his heart he keeps;
Yet Springtime’s nascent scent, colour to his dreams has leant.

He loves, is loved/loves not;

I can no more turn my thoughts from you than ban the ebbing tide from flow,
I understand the course you're on and whence the cause which bids you go.
The loving son of mother loved, wends to her side in time of strife,
My admiration in full flood despite this hiccough in my life.


I kissed you as you smiled at me, your radiant face lit up the night.
My arms snaked round and went to ground within that circle of delight.
I nuzzled at your neck and smelt the wonder of your scent,
the rain fell down yet time stood still; a lifetime in a heartbeat wrent.

Crows crowd round the crumbs.
Scattered memories sun-flayed.
Pick up my pieces.

Sterile heart, a husk of tough love;
tangled in sheets of desire,
yet hesitantly hoping for something more.

Hollow love now unreturned,
where once the flame of passion burned.
An empty husk, a winnowed-soul;
a ragged heart no longer whole.

These are my flowers, fresh plucked for you from the bowers of my imagination.

You are my muse and my words flow to amuse and move you through my play.

My love was such a shining thing,
In hues of purple dressed.
His strong, warm arms encircled mine
Against his side I pressed.

That handle pulled a thousand times
Stands witness to my family life.
The meals prepared in love and haste,
The ladle-full and too-sharpe knife.

Black Mendilouche Biography

I don't profess to be anything other than a happy amateur where poetry is concerned, however I have always loved reading other people's work, especially the Metaphysical Poets. I come from a creative family and have a great love of photography and the arts in general. My photographs can be found on Flickr, using the same name as this site. I am a solitary pagan and much of my joy stems from a connection with nature and Mother Earth. I have recently found my muse and though not with him in a relationship sense, he remains central to my creative spirit, enriching my life with his presence. I don't have much time to write, as a single mother, with a full time job and currently studying towards a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. Peace and Blessings Mendi)

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You were in my dreams again last night
And they were plentiful.

You pulled me close and held me tight
And it was natural.

You kissed my lips and met my gaze
You took me high and left me dazed
And we are beautiful.

(May 2009 plus minor edit)

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