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Any Ugly War Anywhere And Everywhere - اية حرب قبيحة في اي مكان و في كل مكان

Rating: 3.6

جميع الحروب قبيحة
هنا و هناك
لأتها ببساطة
تجلب فقط الدمار و الفوضى و
الكثير من الاشياء القبيحة الاخرى
في اي مكان و في كل مكان...
الحروب المبررة او غير مبررة
جميعها قبيحة و حقيرة
لأنها ببساطة تعني
فقط قتل كل ماهو

طيب و جميل و رائع...
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This is a translation of the poem Any Ugly War Anywhere And Everywhere by MOHAMMAD SKATI
Friday, November 18, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace
Soran M. H 25 December 2019

superb ending with hating all ugly devils who build up their business by dispatching weapons to kill human being each others 10/10

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James Mclain 18 November 2016

Ugly wars Here and there To simply Otha Bring only destruction and chaos and A lot of ugly things other Anywhere and everywhere... Wars justified or unjustified All ugly and despicable Because it simply means Just kill everything Good and beautiful and wonderful... There Mtheroa wars behind All the ugly wars at any time Simply because they benefit Which significantly... No one wants war, except Those who are in those Wars despicable and ugly... Arms dealers are college Behind all the ugly wars Anywhere and everywhere... As long as those ongoing wars dominate The whole world, it is then There is a beautiful peace never...

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Kim Barney 18 November 2016

I cannot read this poem, but I have to agree that all war is ugly.

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