Archangels Reprise Poem by Robert Hilary

Archangels Reprise

i sit, deep within the centerfold in the center of the circle, i contemplate deeply the dwelling place of my heart, and the archangels reprise within, which sings a melody that moves before my eyes, as i understand and realize the beauty inside, that thrives, truly alive, within my inner heart, playing repeatedly, the song of the music that plays evermore in my heart, a melody that quickens the mind, and unfolds from the love within, that plays its notes on the staff of creation, from without from within, inside this inner harmony, this hidden hymn, is the luscious illuminescent song of my soul that plays with crescendo in a melody without end, that trumpets the power that lies beneath, the secrets of my inner deep self that lies within me, and blows a wind under my wings as an uttered breath, that makes me soar within the heart, stealing breath, that I, intertwined in the melody, fly freely, deeply within the sound, as the music of the Arcangel's reprise pulses deeply, singing sweetly, to the illuminescents of my ever living soul, that within me I find the beauty of the melody within through which i sing and mend, tempered by the notes that astound me, as the realization of gods love abounds to me surrounding me, as i fall to the beauty of him in my life, and within my love, i bow ever in peity and joy. that my love might reach him in my silent prayer, that my heart would be seen by his sight, that i may dwell in his light, as his might, illuminates the light within, and i begin to hear the beauty of my soul. as i understand and realize that i know nothing at all, and through not knowing, i truly see, the beauty of the god inside of me, and the beauty of us all, as i listen to the song that sings of hymn, inside my soul, like a poem, a hymn, the archangels reprise, that is the music that i realize, as god within all. that sings of the source, the only true one the almighty, and in my fleeting mind and beating heart, i hear only the whisper of the art, of the music of that which is all. for in which his music sings i hear his call. and i come head bowed and dancing, before his throne, to the music which he plays in my soul. as in peity i am placed, on my hands and knees before his grace. that i know his love and i know my place, and before him i am joyously placed. as within me the music of on high sings, into my being, through everything, and i see higher's love. who is god, as a way of god, apart of god as itself the whole of all that is, through my higher being i live, and through my higher being i give, as he gives to me, the power to see, and i give my gift of thought, that it may be bought, by the wandering souls of a feather, sold for the price of a listening ear, given with love to a heartful tear, that it maybe heard as a voice calling of love forevermore, into the heat of the beating heart, that it maybe heard, the music of highers song, as i hear highers call, and i come head bowed and dancing, before his throne, to the music which he plays in my soul, through my higher being i live, and through my higher being i give, as he gives me, the power to give. that i may bring gifts to all, blessing the simple, placing my notes into the hearts of the listening ears, of hearts that feel the love deep within their souls, that hear the whispers of god singing, making music to the beating hearts of the young and the wise.
that they may see with their hearts god's eyes. as his sight falls upon their breast, deep into their chest, to the beating heart of who they are, who are truly alive. that they may feel his love shine as a light inside, and through his melody find power to thrive, within the beating love of the beauty within, that is the life of angels and men. that music that plays as a melody within the heart. the song of Gods love. the song of Gods art. the music of the melody within the souls of all. of all that is creation and within creation, the melody of god, the melody of all. the melody of god within all. the beauty of the symphony, in its divine simplicity, the melody and the song within the heart, the music of the archangels reprise.

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