Ardor, Appetite And Amore Poem by Shakira Nandini

Ardor, Appetite And Amore

Rating: 4.5

The gargantuan commotion,
contusions, and rugged muscles-bones
The liquid plasma that shoots out
from unlocked and unbar lesions
The suturing necessary
to heal the wounds.
In any wise this can be over-much
The corner to angle bends
in which one competes.
The startling cliffs
at which one turns out.

I even now adjudicate
to jeopardize my memoir
On the lark
it senses so licensed.
It's a hurry scurry
to discover and pick up the clamor.

From the rooters and lovers
that crave for once anon.
One energizes oneself
to the terminus ad quem
For the hell of it
One desires to attain victory in it.

To pursue the accusation and excitement
Abstaining from the drugs
The fixtures, the gears,
the belongings that deprive
Others opt and shoot
to fume off
In case anyone can palpate
eminent and dominating all day
I equitably drive
the ballers and the replicates
This gleans me altudinous
and towering
than with everyone else
I grasp and comprehend
of it being sporty
but I love to recreate
since, SPORTS is also a way of life


Ardor, Appetite And Amore
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: romance
This poem I have written to put into words my feelings. Gadget you can say that my personal experience
Denis Mair 07 September 2020

Voltage too high for the faint of heart It's some kind of fusion reaction Against the edge of naked action Shooting rapids of the soul's river In an elastic flesh-colored raft Drops of spray intersect with light An eternally expanding implosion Defying walls of sedimentation Snapping back from collisions Until ripples in your nerve net Light it up like a christmas tree

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Khairul Ahsan 03 September 2020

This poem is quite different from your other poems, other themes on which you usually write.

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Neptune Barman 24 January 2017

Beautifully expressed the feelings of poet in words

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Neptune Barman 24 January 2017

Very beautiful poetry.The poet`s feelings is expressed in each word

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