Are Men Really Mean? Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

Are Men Really Mean?

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Are Men really Mean - Tell?
Mean are mean; so say women
Confused mind inward turned.
Turned to hear the Soul’s voice:
“No, mean, stained Spirit; I in men
Torching to senses five, it said;
As thirsty dry field they lie fierce
Cracked, sweating, in morn dews,
Scientists on high mercury point
Cry, “Oh! Love Nature protect, or else
Fry us Nature; consume consumers.”
But, ere, death of sensuous senses
Dip the mind in rapture- drugs tell,
Stimulants misguide men to the hell.
Eves with apples entice everywhere,
Bar Hotels and Dance Clubs, Parks
Here, lives worldly life in full spirit:
What use of this clay sans spirit?
No Law will bring peace, but, fissure
Among men and women, I’m sure.
Old fast food and consumerism, alas!
Entangling parasites! suck men rude.
They lose discerning power in pride
End their life in trade and tirade.
Human Laws low; Divine Law lofty
Choose Divine to eschew the low.

Men everywhere are accused, exploited why?
Geetha Jayakumar 30 August 2013

Beautiful write...Lives worldly life in full of spirits..Loved reading it.

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 14 August 2013

nice poem i like your words and message in it very good works

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Valsa George 26 June 2013

What use of this clay sans soul? A question thundering into our ears! People indulge in wordly pleaures and wallow in dirt without any thought of the soul inside! We should honour the Divine law of Truth, Fairness, Love and control of wild passions! A powerful write!

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Frank James Davis 23 April 2013

The method of those who would control their fellow men is to accuse, belittle and exploit them. Note also that Satan, himself, has, from the very beginning, been known as The Great Accuser. Profoundly perceptive work, Nasarudheen!

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David Wood 05 April 2013

This is a nice poem well written. Life can be hard at times

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