As The River Flowed Poem by Rohan Nath

As The River Flowed

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There were ripples of the sparkling stream.
The crystalline water was mirroring the blue sky.
That befriended with the sun's wonderful beam.
Beams of the dazzling looking golden eye.

The background was overflowing with mountains.
Mountains with snow capped peaks,
Their attainment of such exquisiteness is a real arcane.
What is it above the sky that they seek?

The eagles were gloating about their wings.
O! How marvelous they were to glance upon!
Thrushes flew above the river as they sing.
Grazing on the grassland was a cluster of fawn.

There I saw the elderly yet strong fisherman.
Flinging his lure in an elegant technique,
Attracting the catfishes and trouts as much as he can,
While sitting on a boulder beside the flowing creek.

The loveliness of the lotus was luring me,
Positioned silently on the cerulean water.
The white arrowhead was charming as she could be,
Her petals were diminutive as they have always were.

Far away, I saw a grandiose tall tower.
Its peak was reaching for the high heavens.
He stood there taking delight over his power,
Amazes all travelers every now and then.

The heavens above exposed a band of colors.
Little time, after the floating dark skies cried.
I then assumed that our life is filled with squalors.
But don't worry because later they will shine bright.

After the drizzle, dews sat calmly on the grasses.
Scarcely and leisurely moving towards the ground,
The sunlight coalesces with the dew with a tender caress.
How luxurious they looked worn the golden crown!

The children played alongside the river in pleasure.
Girls were collecting flowers to make tiaras and garlands,
While the boys were skipping stones on the tranquil water.
Their little footprints placed themselves temporarily on the loose sands.

And I was assembled comfortably on the greens.
Beside flowed the river without paying any notice.
It cleansed all of my hopelessness and spleen.
Therefore, I slept on the nature's lap with internal peace...

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Amitava Sur 08 January 2014

The diff. branches of nature's charming beauties are drawn nicely in those words..... nice to read

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Mike Barrett 08 January 2014

Hazel has captured my thoughts with her words.....there a re a few issues with punctuation and tenses, but nothing serious. Congrats!

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Hazel Durham 08 January 2014

Stunning picture painted with lines of such beauty of nature's captivating charm captured with such ease!

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