As Yet No Clue Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

As Yet No Clue

Rating: 4.7

There was no clue yet as to why?
Why I run away and feel shy?
What can be its remedy?
Why life has become such a comedy?

I have found no answer
It was leading me no where
It is reality that I am here
I may leave constantly under fear

How can I prove as good human being?
Why I look so helpless in life circus ring?
Can I not live happily and meaningfully sing?
Oh God, you are the sole authority and king

Lead me kindly to the light from deep dark
Show me the end with will power to embark
I shall not deviate from performing well
Sum up all the difficulties and let loose hell

I am standing alone in vast and deep sea
Sea waves shock the boat for me to see
I wonder how it could be balanced to stand fast.
I want to see that it survives to the last

I shall stand with folding hands to pray
With sincere request to show me the way
I shall not blame my bad luck or powerful fate
I will have to come out of it even if it may be very late

I must realize the importance of being simple creature
It must be made worthy for bright future
Not all the way lady luck may smile or favor
I must have to make all round show to come over

I may not have to become somebody’s mouth piece
What I must ensure is its complete existence with peace
I have been sent here with some mission to accomplish
I may need heavenly blessings to come round and finish

I pray almighty to charge my spirit to withstand
Nothing should deter me amidst all when I stand
Let my foot prints disappear with passage of time
They may remember my noble role sometime

We are nothing but as such single entity
An individual with no name to have continuity
How can that become possible without divine favor?
It has to be carried on with all fervor

Life as such is distinctive gift from Almighty
We must try to live with all the honors and dignity
It has to have some meaning and purpose
There is no room for if, buts and suppose

I shall not complain for any draw backs
I shall stand firm and never show my back
It has to have smooth sailing with direction
I can only offer my dedication with good actions


Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
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