Ashes Tries To Open Our Bedroom Door - Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD

Ashes awaits outside our bedroom door.

Hearing her owners' voices,

she begins scratching the door with her paws.

At first, she gently taps her paws

But the door remains closed after a long pause,

So she scratches forcefully more.

She awaits some more, still no open door.

She scratches many times more, still no open door.

She then explores other ways to open the door.

She lies flat on the floor

Then she slides in her paws, under the door.

She moves her paws back and forth many times.

One paw doesn't work, she tries her other paw.

She refuses to give up quickly

So she touches the bottom of the door, repeatedly.

Many times more, she attempts to open the door, from the floor.

There is no response after many tries

So she changes her mind.

She forcefully pounds her body on the door unceasingly.

Ashes doesn't meow or cry

But by the intensity of her pounding

I know that she is not happy.

I open the door immediately.

At the blink of the eyes,

She jumps up on our bed and she is very happy


Translation of a Vietnamese poem: Ashes Tìm Cách Mở Cửa Phòng Ngủ -


Ashes chờ cửa đã lâu

Bỗng nghe chủ nói, giơ chân lên cào.

Đầu tiên, nhè nhẹ chân đưa

Chờ lâu, cửa đóng, chân cào mạnhhơn.

Chờ thêm, không tiếng trả lời

Cào thêm chút nữa, cửa phòng chưa thông.

Ashes tìm cách mở phòng

Thân nằm dẹp xuống, tay luồn vào trong.

Bàn tay lui tới nhiều vòng

Tay này không được, lại dùng tay kia.

Ashes không bỏ cuộc ngay

Tay mò đáy cửa, may mà mở chăng.

Sờ hoài cửa chẳng mở ra

Ashes đổi ý, dùng thân đập vào

Ashes chẳng khóc, chẳng than

Nhưng nghe tiếng đập, biết là không hay

Tôi liền mở cửa cho vào

Ashes mừng qúa, nhẩy ngay lên giường.


Topic(s) of this poem: cat

Comments about Ashes Tries To Open Our Bedroom Door by NHIEN NGUYEN MD

  • (5/14/2016 4:33:00 AM)

    I love cat. Cat is very intelligent. Your cat, Ashes is very smart! ! ! I could see how Ashes reacts through your beautiful poem! ! ! Khue (Report) Reply

    (5/14/2016 2:20:00 PM)

    Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. Nhien

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