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Hear, hear about a deadly sin
it's known as common aspirin.
Each year four thousand children die
as misguided physicians try
to help those youngsters who are ill
by giving them a little pill.

And, looking at an older bloke
he may get sidelined by a stroke
and bleeding in the stomach proper,
soon spreading to the lower, upper
intestines, also to the spleen.
Well, aspirin can soon be seen
wherever blood does circulate
its great potential is a state
of sheer increased morbidity
by causing new pathology.

So, if your doctor says you need
to take a pill that makes you bleed,
say 'No' and tell him 'be my guest,
this time the patient does know best.'

Mary Nagy 28 February 2006

Hmmm, you do make it difficult to know what to do.........I know Todd was just told to keep aspirin around in case his chest pains be sure to take one and that's the first thing they give you in the hospital for chest pains. Very confusing world! ! Always a pleasure to read your tips on medicine though, very helpful. Sincerely, Mary

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Bridgid Patrick 27 February 2006

I like this Poem Herbert. As a Biopharmacist i would have to concur.Many people are unaware of the dangers of Aspirin. There is a common perception that aspirin isn't actually a 'drug' and few people realize how potent those little pills can be. Kind Regards. Bridgid..xx

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Responses about statistics have what relevance? Heartfelt, well-crafted and with clear effort. Thank you for posting it.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 27 February 2006

If 4,000 children in the Western world die annually from Aspirin I would not call that a pittance..... The practice of giving aspirin as a cardioprotectant is humbug and causes strokes etc. Best H.

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Gina Onyemaechi 27 February 2006

Only in certain, highly misfortunate cases, right? That said, just one case of aspirin-procured death is one too many, in my view, make no mistake. Saluting you and your expertise, Gina.

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