Sadiqullah Khan

At Borith Lake In Autumn - Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

Secret happy tear, harboring serene, still
Surrounding hillocks of stone and ice,
Unblunk eye, steeped shores, blowing
Down the windy winds, hushing tall trees
Nesting birds, sublime songs of yellow years.
Stony lanes and pavements, feeted by tired
Steps of the shepherds, and cheeky girls,
Like sheep graze grass, and like the ducks
Avoiding the crust of snowy mirror-like plate.
Dryness, apparent, stony countenance, smile
Through the middle of ravines, dust and storms
But so little. And a wetness would quench
The erotic emotion of a hardened, erubatic peak.
Descend the peak, from the top unveil
A gradual delineation of the arduous path to love,
Smoky stay, and the whole earth enters
An eternal song of existence, of a lone bird's
Sweet tongue, a transitory stay to flocks
On way up and down, to where no one knows.
We could have talked love, in its ardent details,
On an emerging, glacieted emotions,
Seeping underneath the mountain of heaves,
And sighs might have sent to heaven this way
Or you could have said to mind own business.
Indifference, an attitude the point of love
Inherited, since long, and I could have been
The unsolaced, weighing on my own grounds
Of an abject failure, of a lover longing victory
On unknown, unrecognized boulders
Of obstructions, and we could have and might
Have reached each other. On a desolate journey
Mine was an empty heartened feel of a bucket
Unnecessarily filled with warm waters
Or from the salty bed beneath the bottom
Of the lake, green and blue, shy and blush
Depending on the emotions it reflects, on the lights,
It swears upon to itself, of its lone existence
Not really liking, an adoration you and I
Display and try to give it a name, in unison
Waiting for the words to ascend, dug like
Stones, big, small and little, put by an extraordinary
Effort of human limbs, curved maze like, stones
Left and right, below, and roofs covered with mud
Dampened for the purpose, leaves gathered
For the autumn, a calf was eating dry stems,
All things out of dryness, defy the gravity
Close to the surface of earth, by a bushy
Margin, while the ducks fed on underwater weeds.
The sunshine was mesmerizing, bathing me
And things, the most void thoughts of your love,
Making worth out of nothing, dwelling
In a bosom, that never was, and shall never be.
Ah! Only earth's embrace shall dissolve
Desires ever waiting, desires never to happen
In a reality, as obtuse, as the wavelets that touch
Marginal depths, into known blanketed surface.
And these waters shall never cease to ooze, from below,
Lessons, of some eternal happiness, sharing
Without lights, and an urban congestion,
Although you wear a costume, as sanguine and beautiful
To make you walk arm in arm, to lightened
Sensibilities and the days shall never come
That by beating loneliness, and away from silence
I could have known better understandings
A life, rich and again, desolation, life offers
Just breathing by the bank, like the tree, next in front
The whirling breezes, of autumn, that has ever adored me.

Sadiqullah Khan
December 6,2014.

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

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Photo: Borith Lake, Gojal. December 8,2014.

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