*shrine Poem by Sadiqullah Khan


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The great poet the lover the mystic
Who wrote recipes for the broken hearts
Spake of the rubies jewels of Bagram
The curvaceous beauties from India
The one who brought divine word down
In his language of love in Pashto he wrote
The beginner of ghazal when he said that
He became King when he became humble
On soft tunes of rebab when the old dervish
Of his tavern his mausoleum of mud made
Sang his songs for the lovers in raptures
From the holy leaf the smoke around
The beloved sanctuary of thousands
Love stricken or in strife for the cruelty
The sufferings and prayers for the live
Though dead the saint poet still had
His mercy on the smaller beings
His mausoleum is blasted with bombs
Kill the spirituality the symbols the life
A statue of Buddha in Bamyan
Shrine of Rehman* or schools of valley
Has anyone erased the memory of a culture
A civilization became immortal in death
Socrates drank hemlock but Plato and Aristotle
Truth shall one day be on the lips of all
With bare chest when to the lances like Jesus
Immortalized in the lap of Mary or a cross
Nay to the spirit you have touched the hearts
The lock of my chain is like the flame of candle
Like a tongue it speaks like a pen it writes
My blood is the ink my heart is the page

*Rehman Baba: Great seventeenth century sufi poet of Pashto language.
(On terrorist bomb blasts in the shrine of Rehman Baba)

Anjali Sinha 06 March 2009

'The lock of my chain is like the flame of candle Like a tongue it speaks like a pen it writes My blood is the ink my heart is the page' ahaaaaaaaaaa such lovely wordssssssss so divine its like drinking the heavenly winesssssss ---10 anjali

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Sandra Fowler 06 March 2009

Tha last three lines of this poem are really superb.10.for your rich use of imagery. Warm regards, Sandra

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Seema Aarella 06 March 2009

Dear Sadiq I came to know about the unfortunate incidence, this is the worst of all cases, But they could only crumble the stone and sand edifice...but the great man's legacy lives on in the souls of people like you and many more....dare they touch it! ! ! ! ! ! Long live the POET! ! ! ! !

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Ali Ahmed 06 March 2009

A great tribute penned to a great person.......its really worthy......sadiq bhai u realized us what our real wealth is.........Great! ! !

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~ Jon London ~ 06 March 2009

A finely penned tribute my friend, well delivered 10

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Lynda Robson 07 March 2009

A very interesting write, good flow and content, 10 Lynda xx

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roushan banu 07 March 2009

s really a tough one.... nice............. this poems tells something.. i cant understand it... but i felt it tells something

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ata khan 07 March 2009

The intruders have struck again. This time to demoralize us by desecrating the shrine of Rahman Baba (r.a) May God bless his kind soul. But they don't know it'll have a reverse effect Thanks for uniting us, terrorists I salute you for writing this one Mr. Khan Wish i could give it a 1000+++++++_+++

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Tsira Goge 06 March 2009

Sadiqullah, Remarkable forgotten to news carries yours poems.... Beauty in a mystery...10.. Best wishes, Tsira

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Pablo Cruise 06 March 2009

Sadiquillah, I won't pretend to know who Rehman Baba is but your words compel me to find out. Fine tribute from a lofted pen.

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