Sadiqullah Khan Poems

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Devil Worship

The great Unitarian
With names disgusting
Abhorred the command supreme
Unto his way till the end

Your Sweet Presence

The day when you were standing in front of me
And when I just because of sheer excitement
Of being close to you and having faced you
When suddenly I felt that some spirit has possessed me

A Woman Speaks

A thousand flowers sprout in the bosom
The dreams of the years gone now subdued
In the wake of reality that descends
Like waves after waves on the shore

*i Am Not In Love

Until I have broken the form
Until madness has not prevailed
Until I am not drunk dead
Until my mind speaks the sense

A Wish

Alone in this loneliness
Loved ones memories
Like possessions valuable
Out from the closets


The great poet the lover the mystic
Who wrote recipes for the broken hearts
Spake of the rubies jewels of Bagram
The curvaceous beauties from India

*slow The Love (Sequels)

Hast thou seen my love many times
The morning dew or the dusk in the eve
For the lovers’ caravan to the tavern goes
Neither mosque nor temple

When You Were Dancing

Her hands were holding the moon in firm grip
Like dreams she might not she knew one day
In dark of the night she will seek all life
Like God I peeped into the kitten's play

*addiction Of Love

Ah the addiction of love
Like chocolate in despair
A fairy tale to the young
Like a cup of coffee made

*slow The Love

The beloved’s street I avoided
In repentance of the sin in puritan desires
I held to the world my hands for alms
For songs for the beloveds of Solomon

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