A Wish Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

A Wish

Rating: 3.2

Alone in this loneliness
Loved ones memories
Like possessions valuable
Out from the closets
Imaginations power play
Concentrating on a point
Making images of the future
Connections from the past
With some remorse
For my present
And sometimes
The wheel of time
On the tides of fortune
With disillusionment
Many interpretations
Of your sweet gestures
Some sweet words
And happy smiles
On a dinner together
Or a cup of coffee
I leave a chair always
Opposite to me
For you to sit
The distantly playing others
Inspire in me a wish
Of being together with you
My life I spend half
But you are always there
By my side
With your eyes
I see the scenery good
Under a pine tree
Or on the bank of a stream
In my restless nights
And busy days
You are killing me
In my life half spent
No wish I have
But wings big enough
To carry me forlorn
Land amongst you
For a company merry enough
Mad with joy
Laughter heartfelt
Tonight my love
Leave my chair old
Empty for me
For a long talk
My legs on that cushion
In my dreams of the day
I dream only
The dream I just wished

Rani Turton 18 June 2008

A poignant dream of the past but so beautifuuly expressed. Thanks.

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M M 24 June 2008

This poem sounds like the tide of the wave, coming forth and back, from present to past, from reality to dream, in nostalgic tones. The shortness of each line allows a concise thought, precisely like those links which come to our minds when day-dreaming with wide-open eyes. This wish is a wish to dream, to make wings stronger to help you fly in life and reality. Wonderfully well written and such a beautiful thought! 10!

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Sarwar Chowdhury 19 August 2008

....finely came out verses.........10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 September 2008

A lovely poem with Rhythm.10 for it.

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Gargi Saha 24 September 2008

Very well written U get 10++ Thanks for your nice comment on my poem Nature.

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Joe Breunig 07 February 2009

I enjoyed the concepts contained within this piece; for me, the use of grammar would greatly improve the meaning and flow of this lovely poem. -Joe

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samar Halabi 22 January 2009

lovely discribing of lonliness amazing poem well done

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Bonnie Collins 09 January 2009

Filled with so much love, I especailly appricated the tenderness you have incorporated in this write, you leave the reader wanting to read more and reach out and touch your hand, to say, it will be ok...... Very touching... Bonnie

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Reshma Ramesh 20 October 2008

how we love to be with our loved ones

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Asif Andalib 26 September 2008

Although a little bit dark but it's a nice poem.8

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